Derby entry comments for Derby #64: Pets

This is my dog Scout! Enjoy! When I put him in these red shoes he won’t move…it’s as if he is stuck. It is really funny!

One of the best pets I’ve ever had was a puffer fish named Puffs (original, eh?) I always imagined him doing this to all the people that would try to make him puff up.

A portrait of a distinguished gentlecat.

WARNING: shirt may contain public domain images. And nuts.

You. Are. GOD…of shirt derbies :slight_smile: Awesome concept and beautifully drawn. Got my vote!

I like this one but I think that it will be taken down because it is of a copyrighted character.

Baby dragon needs a home!

Great drawing, Toe. It’s hard to draw people sitting in chairs (much less gods sitting in thrones!) and have it look right, but you nailed it. Well done, sir- GMV.

LOVE IT! And it GMV. I don’t have a navy shirt!!!

Hopefully this will be my third Fable shirt…beautifully done. GMV



I remember these leashes they had. When I was little I actually had one and it moved around like there was actually a dog on the end. Anyone else have one of these leash things or is it just me? LOL

so cute! I love the look. I knew you’d rock this derby :slight_smile:

it looks great on cranberry, glad you chose that color!

So many great decisions- the way you did the spots, the texture and pattern on the throne, the color choice for the shadow, the yellow shirt… All that and the overall idea is cool, too. I think this is my favorite, even better than Blitzkreig. PROPS!

Sure, they’re great for curling up on your lap on a lazy night, and they’re great for chasing a frisbee in the park. But if the firefighters have to get your pet elephant out of the tree one more time, they’re going to start billing you for it.

Doggy goes Woof Woof!!

Kity goes Meow Meow!!

Birdie goes Tweet RAWK!

wow edgar, your brain is a fascinating place.

well done!

nice! I love the size contrast. and this is a great giraffe - my giraffe loving kiddo will be thrilled!

Oman. That’s how I want to go.

I’d dig this more if the clouds had a little more to them.

Yesterday it was a mouse hidden under the rug. Today it’s a bird left as a gift on your pillow.
Who knows what the cat will bring home tomorrow.

clever, fun and cute! a serious triple threat! well done as always! GMV