Derby entry comments for Derby #640: Civility

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Basic human decency.
-Spiritgreen ;^)

Who came first… No more!


Inspired by Gandhi

I guess chickens DO have large talons!

M.A.D. - The ultimate peace keeper.

Given how many people are feeling these days, and what’s been on my mind, I went with a little something outside the box.

What happpened?


Ah man, love the style! Tea time is always civil, no matter the company.

More like what didn’t happen!?

We’re both fellow humans. Let’s be nice regardless of beliefs. No need for threats or insults just because someone sees the world differently. For realsies. End the power struggles. Let’s all just chill out and fix stuff together.

Agreed. If we all did this DC would truly be scared. Playing to negativity only helps those in power stay in power (ALL SIDES).

If you have a toddler that loves to roll the TP, then you must live with being a monster.



One note: leave the night lite on inside the birdhouse in your soul…

Not to put too fine of point on it…

Hey krittikae,
Nice idea. Just a heads up, black barely shows up on Asphalt. You might want to see how this looks on Slate instead.

Nice work. Really dig it.