Derby entry comments for Derby #642: St. Derbrick's Day

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With the current climate, maybe a shirt asking people to kiss you is unwise. This one is better.

Au. Missing. Last seen in middle of periodic table.


Love this one!



This is a shirt for people who, on St. Patrick’s Day, do not or cannot drink beer.


A collaboration with MrBignell.

I’ll take 42…

I loved it the moment it appeared on screen!!! Awesome shirt

May the luck be with you.

HAHAHA! Cirrhosis is always hilarious. Even after your favorite uncle dies of it.


One of the lesser known facts about Demogorgons is that they are the product of what happens when plants vs. zombies turns into a tryst. They come out mostly looking like flower zombies but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find a four leaf Demogorgon and all your wildest dreams will come true!

This is actually for a male and female version, so your vote is for both! Where’s the bathroom! :slight_smile:

This shirt is perfect year-round!


Ace work on the lighting. +1

Not usually a fan of the “cute & cuddly”, but this is well done and would be great for my daughter.