Derby entry comments for Derby #643: SPRING BREAAAKKK

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Come out of your shell!
Throw a party!
Take that vacation!
Ditch the routine!
Quit your job!
Fake your own death!
Destroy your enemies!
This got dark quickly.

…Uh, it’s a cute shirt with a chick on it. Breakout!

It’s a lot more friendly than winter.

“Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.” I tried to give this 1940s take on adolescent springtime randy-ness a mobile update.

Cthulhu embarks on a spiritual journey, finding love, friendship, and–most importantly–himself.

In the intersection between Spring and Sneezing, I’d prefer to stay indoors.

Procrastination is the ultimate mini vacation. Adults don’t get a spring break so our only vacation time is that couple of hours we put off chores in the evenings. Or that nap we take on the couch instead of mowing the lawn. Adulting is hard so procrastination is a much needed break from it all.

When Spring rolls around, our favorite plumbers look to the outdoors. Here we find fire flowers and SMB 2 Vegetables growing.


Sharks LOVE spring break!
:slight_smile: Hope you like my silly shirt.


Party like a Spring Chicken! You know… with flowers and whatnot.

“Up here Michael, up here.”

Some folk need to be told when enough is enough…

Om nom. Om nom. Om nom nom nom om nom nom nom.

::Jaws theme::

Love this style!!! Did you do the gif too? Awesome.

That’s a cool shirt I’d def take one!

Thank you ^^ and I did! (they’re a guilty pleasure)

So smart, fish. Can I declare this the winner now?

Very cute, Patrick. Nice textures :slight_smile: