Derby entry comments for Derby #650: A DOGgone Derby

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From big to small, dogs have it all.



He’s a good boy.



The Guardian stared downward at the sobbing girl, puzzled.
“It’ll be all right,” said The Guardian, though she knew the girl could not hear her.
“Someday, you’ll know what the stars smell like.”

Yo dawg you trippin!

Ironically, I created this design the day I had a colonoscopy… It seemed funny at the time.

Because pitties can always use more love!

I love dogs. It’s part of my DNA :slight_smile: This should be a fun derby.

Ever feel like your just running in circles? Maybe that’s because you are :slight_smile:

Ha, that’s a fresh take on sleep :slight_smile:

Very cool Nosferatu reference!

very funny!

Nice style!

Ha. This brings be back

Crazy design, very cool work LetterQ!

Nice! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: +1

a pug of the highest class