Derby entry comments for Derby #650: A DOGgone Derby

OMG of all your shirts, I think this might be my favorite yet!!! Aswesome awesome shirt.

amazing design walmazan!


Bark side of the moon was featured Im sure.


Nice Synthwave feel!

this rules!!!

If I lose my hair like it happened to Steve, I call it quits…

This is a rework and touch-up of the original work from a year or two ago.

…or is it? :slight_smile:

Garfield and Odie are my favorite dudes. I loved drawing them as CatDog. This is a rework, but I still love it just as much. <3


Doesn’t everyone deserve a good dog complex?

so cute and funny

I love my dogs!

hahaha :slight_smile: perfect dog walking shirt, gmv!

Haha. Well done Jenzilla :slight_smile:


yes, I believe this to be humorous. gmv :slight_smile:

gotta say I love a big print! epic cuteness :slight_smile: