Derby entry comments for Derby #651: The Wide Outside

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The modern bear has cooled on pawpaw and prickly pear but loves wi-fi. Honey and ants are still as popular as ever.


Quote means: Experience the beauties of Nature and in doing so learn something about yourself.

Not everyone likes to be hugged.

All the best wild things live outside, even our imaginations.

Sunshine and rainbows are waiting for ya.

We’re all outsiders. Even Bronies. :slight_smile:


The outside is much more dangerous than my natural, indoor habitat. This red shirt celebrates that danger.


Taking care of this world is a second thought to getting that selfie at the Grand Canyon and posting it to social media.

Nuture Nature Not Narcissism. 5 colors on Asphalt.


A different interpretation of the movie quote.

Very cool! +1

thats a fun take on b.t.t.f :slight_smile:

Very Nice! +1

Ah! Love this, @poopycakes!

Hahaha! This one’s got bark AND bite. :wink:

Digging your vintage vibes, lately @fb!

haha this is great! awesome fb