Derby entry comments for Derby #652: WOMEN!

This is a mother & daughter collaboration - our first! My daughter came up with the idea and drew the initial sketch I worked from, then she worked with me some more on the style of the woman - she’s a massive anime fan.

The design represents:
Women obtaining the vote and making huge strides towards equality.
Marie Curie, physicist and chemist. Two Nobel prizes. Radioactivity and discovered the radioactive isotopes polonium and radium.
Caroline Herschel, astronomer, first woman to discover a comet.
Jane Goodall for her research with chimpanzees and changing attitudes towards wildlife.
Grace Hopper, mathematician and computer programmer. Development of the COBOL programming language and making computing accessible.

CaityJean! This is amazing! +1 and I hope a winner!!

When their children need them mothers can just keep on going no matter what :slight_smile:

And give a shout-out to your mom when you’re there!

Nice. I was thinking of the “It’s a cape” icon; but couldn’t think of an original way to display it. Your dialogue is the perfect touch :slight_smile:

Sooo good, Dooom. I love your comic style.

Quality people don’t fear equality :slight_smile:

I’m SO excited to have a derby to celebrate feminism.

Thank you. Hopefully people will read shirts, if nothing else.

A perfect pun! Well done Egg. I’m sure the Whovians will <3 this.

Someone’s aiming for first place!

It’s one of my favourite topics.

Thanks Sim! I’m just trusting the force at this point. It would be poetic to see come 4th (and also a little heartbreaking).

I can hear the tattoo needle…

So good! Very clever- love it!

Thank you! Your designs are great so we’ll see what happens. :slight_smile:

Oh man, now I need to take out a second mortgage afford this round. lol great job GMV

I wish I could vote for this MULTIPLE TIMES, because I would. This shirt’s amazing: affirmative, optimistic, and just matter of factly announcing that (like space) your dreams are limitless.

And it does all that without putting anyone or anything down.

It’s a little distinction, but an important one.

So, unofficially, I’d like to vote this shirt 50-times-yes!

I hope it wins, because I want one.

Shoulda been a real rebelle and put this on a cream tee… lol. Very nicely done!

Hey KG; I’ve looked up this Leary quotation and am still confused. Can you explain it’s intended meaning (or at least for this shirt)?

Gorgeous work!