Derby entry comments for Derby #654: STAR WARPS

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Can’t we all just get along? #StopWars

Now with soul patch via the new Lando:,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/iooprdlmpxwtxmlhkqlr.png

The classic MF!

Chewbacca as a poopie, did this just get weird?

A tee for those who like the dark side… of your beverage options.

Boushh was the bounty hunter Leia disguised herself as to rescue Han from Jabba’s Palace. Head for the Bounties!!

A tee for those who like the light side… of your beverage options.

Click for embiggened version:

Wow. Fantastic perspective, Patrick!

I think you need to do more than just change the color.

Companion shirt to my previous design for the new Solo film.

A memorial patch to remember all the lives lost in the senseless tragedy when those rebel scum destroyed our beloved DS-1 Orbital Battle Station.

had to be done :slight_smile: this is awesome and he’s soooo cute!

That’s so you, PoopyC


Sorry- The memes…

Very good drawing,or is it a photo,if photo could be rejected,

love it!!!

YoDawg, I love your style FB.