Derby entry comments for Derby #655: CATastrophe!

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Woot is working on the technology, but I’m pretty sure they can put an animated gif on a tee :slight_smile:

Cats meow meow meow and the world listens

A few purrs and snuggles are guaranteed to lift your spirits!

This cute little cat has no idea how that happened. Surely you can’t hold him responsible.

Ask your Doctor about Cat!

Cause the internet is a strange place.

Also, how long have you been standing there?

This cat is much cuter than the original.

My kind of sportswear is the kind you can lay around in.

Hello Thanos!

Everyone loves noodles :slight_smile:

Fish. A cat’s favourite meal :slight_smile:

So very cool, Kevino!


great design with a solid message!

hehe great design

you’re on fire this week!

Important instructions needed on how to bread a cat.

this is so cute! :3