Derby entry comments for Derby #656: Snarkasm!

Grumpy cat, grumpy pants. Checks out. +1

Tis a silly school anyway.

very witty idea! great execution too

Nice one! Emoji with attitude! GMV.

Let me axe you a question.

Nice job acraigl! Updated and improved!

Love it!



Awww, I so hopped that was Jaws jumping for the A. Either way, GMV :slight_smile:

This is a late entry. I included a zoomed view on the shirt comp. It means “end the conversation” in basic html. It’s a simple programming tee. Now if only I could rally all the introverts to vote :slight_smile:

Wow, you are the king of joke signs. Another home run, Acraigl :slight_smile:

Very smart :slight_smile: +1

Nice! I imagine people in the street will glance at the colorful design, then quickly look away cause you got’em.

Acraigl is definitely getting first place!

Haha, love it!

Nice hard eggplant you got there, Bignell.

ha! nice take on the theme +1

dig the neon line work.

well done on the font treatment. looks great!