Derby entry comments for Derby #656: Snarkasm!

simple and clever.


I’d like to get this for a few people. Perfect

I imagine Deadpool’s Medical care consists mostly of duct tape and a witty retort.

I love this!

XD I’d love to wear this to the in-laws’

I seriously don’t understand how anyone can dislike them… they’re so funny, cute and perfect.

Thanks, gents!
Here’s a closeup.

Oh, I need this GMV

bold move to do a cat shirt this week lol :smile_cat: sneak attack, hehe :wink:

Hulk is my spirit animal :slight_smile:
Nice one doOomcat!
Just voted :blush:

Hehe, nice job fishbiscuit!

A shirt after my own heart :poop: hehe

Clever :blush:

Thanks :grinning::+1:

Thanks :+1:

I should probably take this down and come up with a better speech bubble - because I’m not sure SQL injection comedy is proving to be the big vote winner I expected. ;p

this is perfect haha. 100% agree

Nice and bitter. I think you have a winner, Midgerock


Thank you, glad you like it. :slight_smile: