Derby entry comments for Derby #656: Snarkasm!

Thanks for the supportive comments! Glad to see people think this is as funny as I did. :slight_smile:

i want one now.

This is clever. Good job!

Awesome stuff

I NEED 2… Two daughters with high levels of both verbal and eye rolling sarcasm!

Smart! +1

Thank you!

This one is my favorite of the 6 designs you entered this week.

@Gammaray85 Thanks for the love.

@MrBignell I can only hope. Thank you for the kind comment.

just wondering, is the person wearing the shirt the a-hole or the person reading the shirt?

This would also be great with the wording at the end being “and/or hangry” since that has entered popular lexicon (and it’s such a useful word!)

OMG it’s perfect. Geese are such jerks!

I was just having this conversation with my wife. I intentionally worded it so it could be interpreted either way, but if forced to answer I’d say it’s the one asking this question.

KIDDING! It’s a snark derby, so I went there. Clearly, the answer is me. :slight_smile:

This is really great work. Funny too. +1

Peeves is the name of my dog.
It’s not, actually, but I think I’ll name my next one that.

Thanks for the nice comments! I think we can all relate to this one.

Thanks, midge! This drives me crazy, lol.

Thank you!

Yup, I have a full cup!

Haha, still too much.