Derby entry comments for Derby #657: Suns, Buns & Backyard Funs!

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Party time (•̀ᵥᵥ•́)

Summer means outdoor Scrabble :slight_smile:

not every treat is a nice one :slight_smile:

Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!

Summer Diets are no fun (and boring) as it is, without your best friend complaining to you about their diet 24/7!

A backyard menage a trois.

great colors and love that distressing

You monster.

hehe great design fb5 :slight_smile:

Come to the Dark Side…

for some delicious meat!

Summer is all about eating some delicious BBQ!!

EDIT: Mustafar was the fiery planet where Anakin loss his arm and legs in his fight with Kenobi.

*pushes glasses up on nose

Outdoor naps = best life

After a long day I just want go out on the Lanai unwind and enjoy a nice slice of cheesecake with my golden gals.

BTW this is the address of the house where the Golden Girls lived in Miami, FL.

Dammit! You’ve outsigned me. :slight_smile: +1

The only sweat that I enjoy.

Do people actually do that??

Tell me more, tell me more!


Nothing says summer like a water war!

Thanks poopy! (I say that every morning, though not necessarily to you).