Derby entry comments for Derby #662: Tribes!

You can see my other red shirts here:
Krittikae’s Red Shirt designs

Hahahaha, marker not included. That kills me!

So awesome SpiritGreen! GMV!

I personally belong to Bookworms, Gamers, Nerds, Introverts, Dog Lovers, Perfectionists, Procrastinators, and Type Zzzz. How about you?

Haha true dat!

We can’t all be Employee of the Month.
So, why not celebrate your status as a member of the bottom quartile by wearing this shirt that proudly asks the question, “Is it Quitting Time yet?”

Pity the poor English language.
For those of you who empathize with the daily indignities that constantly bump and grind against English, I literally hear you—figuratively.

Not everyone can be a princess.

You know the old saying: Fool me once—and I’ll never forget it until my dying day, so help me god.

Okay, so this shirt may not be for everyone.

But, if you were around back in 1973-1974…
and you were interested in astronomy…
and you remember that Newsweek in their November 5, 1973, edition said, “Comet Kohoutek promises to be the celestial extravaganza of the century…”
and your parents got you a telescope for Christmas…
and you and your dad went out to a dark and deserted part of your county to look for the comet over Christmas vacation…
and you never saw anything even remotely comet like—because, as it turned out, Comet Kohoutek was a great big dud…
well, then, this shirt is for YOU.

You’re welcome.

OMG Odie. Bold choice.


Nice lines (or line) and nice colors.

Some upstart bike company needs to come along and select this as their logo and pay you a huge amount of money.

Friends in music

Top Score!

Shouldn’t have used that sharpie on my monitor.

Cool! Do you own the license to the Atari logo?

Fun times super party!