Derby entry comments for Derby # 665: SHIRTain of Youth

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For the last time, it’s not literally rock, paper, scissors!

A schoolroom parody of the life of a trainer.


Thanks for looking,
-Spiritgreen :^)

Ice cream - making days awesome for the young and young at heart!

Nirvana must have had a lot of team spirit to write their hit song.
That’s what the lyrics are about right? Here we are now, entertain us? Definitely must be about a sporting event of some kind.

Because so many kids are addicted to Fortnite!

book and brain - reading friends :slight_smile:

It’s important to make time for homework, kids.

That’s right kids, veggies are awesome!

Sometimes you just need to potato.

Question: How do you design a shirt for children that touches upon the ugly and all too frequent topic of school massacres?

Answer: I don’t.

Nevertheless, whichever side of the spectrum your politics gravitate toward, one thing that we all should be able to agree with is that fact that knowledge is good. Knowing stuff can make you smarter. And when you are smarter, you are better able to make intelligent and informed decisions about everything.


I asked my daughter what sort of shirt she would want to wear on the first day of school…

We made this…


oh wow! this is great!

My first shirt featuring my little girl, Gwen! She drew the kitty face for me, and I drew the rest <3

Flatulence jokes and school go together like peanut butter and petroleum jelly. Wear this shirt and get sent to principal’s office in style.

Cause sharing is caring!

Rework of an old design/idea :slight_smile:

And then PEED on it.

boo boo boo boo boo ba doo doop a doop doo doo boop a doo
snugglin, snugglin

It’s never too early to teach children that their innocent plans can easily be crushed by changing social mores, peer pressure, and the inevitable laws of celestial statistics.

…Sooo True.