Derby entry comments for Derby # 666: Mark of the Feast

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This one goes out to the bakers,


The great cosmic cupcake with its cherry moon, sugar stars and sprinkle belts.


a shirt for the soulful :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that I spelled the title correctly, since it’s more a sound effect than a word…

Hope you find it … tasteful :slight_smile:

What kind of monster keeps beer on a wall, anyway?


I’m a book lover with a sweet tooth. Some might call me a Book Nerd! :smiley:

Bon Appétit, America.

We are living in a Brave New World.

So I’m done listening to Scientists and Nutritionists and Lamestream Cookbook Authors. Who are they, after all, to tell me what I should eat and what I shouldn’t.

I’ll decide what’s good for me based on my own feelings and beliefs, thank you very much.

Why should we allow ANYONE to tell us what is Food and what is not Food?

From now on, I’ll be the judge of that.

Welcome to Post-Food America.



I noticed in a bookstore once a copy of a book called The Vegetable Bible, and I was SHOCKED! I had no idea that vegetables had advanced so far. So I started thinking about what their scriptures would be like. What lessons they taught. What values they held dear. And what they feared.

What, for example, would the Vegetable Book of Revelations say?

And that’s where this design comes from.

From the Vegetable Book of Revelations:

“And I looked, and behold, a PALE FORK: and his name that held him was DEATH.”

9 colors

Carbonated Breakfast

Sure. In a perfect world, we’d always drive the speed limit, spend our free time furthering our education, and start the day off with a well-balanced breakfast.

But it’s not a perfect world, as I’m sure you’ve figured out.

So, some days we’re running late and exceed the speed limit. Some days we binge-watch Netflix instead of rereading Faulkner. And some days, instead of a gluten free bagel with tofu lox, we stop by the drive-thru for a 44-ounce carbonated breakfast.

Here’s to the Breakfast of Champions.

Ha! Nice :slight_smile:

Happy to see you added this one Lazare! I was the one on RIPT that suggested it :slight_smile: Hope it does well!

This is so clean and shiny, I love the graphic.

The food pyramid was overdue for an update

brilliant! I’d like to have one of these tonight :slight_smile:

9 colors


Thanks for viewing. Ugh. Wait. That didn’t come out right. Eeew. Neither did that. Ugh. Just thanks.