Derby entry comments for Derby #669: Wordless Humor

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Pattern featuring our next Doctor:

Knock Knock.



I hope people like a nice Ouroboros joke…

  • just an innocent little eggplant selfie

everyday chores are a lot more fun with VR

“Everyday, everyday without fail - it rises!! Sometimes, I just want to be able to be stay outside during the day…”

It was recommended to me that I sub this design instead to this derby, so you might recognize it from the first day of the last derby.

It’s a medical condition? :wink:

OMG I didn’t realize it :frowning:

Felony Battery

Copper Top?
I don’t think so.

Pop him in the tester.
I think this battery has gone bad.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Nice one

This design is pretty a-PEEL-ing to me.

Just a little misplaced crush…

I see what you did there. I almost did the same for the numbers week, with the count.

Hell or Highwaters

Which is worse?

Enduring an eternity of non-consuming flames while being forced to listen to ABBA?
Or enduring the teasing of your peers in middle school because your pants are too short?

Love it

It fits this derby perfectly!