Derby entry comments for Derby #70: The Seven Deadly Sins

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Just testing this out…

It’s like a sloth. with a TV for a head. just in its wife-beater and boxers. I canceled my cable this week, so this stuff has been on my mind.

The jpg image turned out smaller than I wanted, …Is there a way I can resubmit the shirt layout image without a total resubmission?


Comments are back! Yay!!

Here’s what I put on ShirtDerbyStats for those that didn’t go there:

This is the first woot entry I’ve done where I could really enjoy using symbolism. The flame burns like lust. The woman represents the object of lust. And the serpent with the fruit is the quintessential symbol of temptation. Plus, the placement is over the heart, which is where our deepest desires often reside. You can see the design process in my latest blog entry at

Thanks for the votes! :slight_smile:

Sweet! Comments are back!
Here is an bigger detail picture.

I think he’s the coolest looking dog you’ll ever see. He does look like a pirate.

There must be something in the cosmic unconsciousness past couple of days, but I was originally planning a “sloth who ate a bunch of popsicles” entry for this one. For real.

Anyway, GMV!

I like your style and am glad to see an entry from you this week.
The color choise realy makes the design pop.

Lion’s Pride

He’s keepin’ it classy.

Good to see you back again.
I like how good your design looks in the larger veiw.
A Large Version is here to see.

Great placement I did not think of this placement when you showed it last night.
I like how cleen this looks and the extra things you have to look for in the design.

Seven deadly sins as from the Bible. Way to incorporate the original temptation of the serpent and the fruit (apple). Symbolism really doesn’t mean a thing though if nobody stops to look at it and consider it. This shirt does just that, it’s an awesome design, and I hope it wins.

The snake’s very subtle, but works nicely, I like the color palette, too.

Yay, Mito’s back!!! At least for this week. :slight_smile:

uh yeah, I’ve bought at least a couple of your shirts, but this one hits a little too close to home. :stuck_out_tongue: Still got my vote though

This is almost exactly what came to mind when I saw the derby theme, but I stopped designing due to a lack of time and talent. You executed the design perfectly and a lot better than I could have. I’m in for one.

I like this shirt design, its great. I hope this wins would definately buy 1. GMV for sure.

It’s like this. Dasher, Dancer, and me–Cupid-- were just hanging out last night. Got a couple of hot cocoas, having a good time. Suddenly Rudy waltzes in like he owns the place, and out of no where, Dash loses it. Guess he still has a little pent up anger, with being passed over for the run again this year and all. I mean, who needs two lead deer right? But Santa’s got this “crack” weather team that says cloudy again. Too many freakin’ kids dreamin’ of a white Christmas eh?

So ol’ Dasher is benched again and he aint happy. Been on the force 500 hundred years just to get shoved aside for some red-nosed kid who barely got his wings. Oh yeah, he came out swinging, lucky for Rudolf, Dancy there is quick on his feet.

I’ll say this much for the kid, he is one cool cucumber. Doesn’t even blink, just sashays on by, not a care in the world.

Really? I mean… really?

I really love this shirt. It would make a perfect addition. This artist should design woot shirts every week!