Derby entry comments for Derby #71: Thrift

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ummm… I think i will pass. No TP belongs on a shirt.

This is adorable!

There comes a day when even the best of friends much leave each other to make a new life. :frowning:

Wow that was quick, thanks so much :slight_smile: Hope you guys like my entry this week :smiley: Enjoy the derby.

gRRReat job, DoubleBoots!
Much better without all the wordiness, and still able to bring in the three Arrrs!

wha…Ya got ma vote, matey!!

I agree, quite cute. But why is cat going for change?


I love the style you drew the man in, Toe. You should use it more often. It looks really good. And the light shining on him is just great, too.

who remembers the days before coinstar? finding change, putting it in wrappers, and no percentage was taken out. i used to leave change all over my room and spend hours finding it when i was broke… ahh, good times!

Save some $. Conserve. Great MPG. Yet still give in to the need for speed…

This looks great now, and the recycling symbol looks much better “pirated up”! Hope this does well - got my vote!

This is so cute. I didn’t even know I was a sucker for cute but I can’t stop looking at that little cat. My kitten gets that same expression on his face when he gets caught doing something bad - which is all the time. Great use of color too, feels like a stormy day (saving up for a rainy day maybe?)


Thanks, Jack. It was a really good suggestion, wasn’t it?

ROFLMAO. That is awesome.

Here in Phoenix in the Summer we turn on the hot tap to get cold water. The water in the lines before the water heater is colder than the cold tap. So wrong.

With tough economic times comes using things longer than usual. Here is my thoughts translated to having to use a pencil right down to the nub because you just need to grab every ounce of use from it.

Hilarious! I love this! :slight_smile:

Funny, Jewel! Nice idea.

If I could vote twice, I would for this.