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Dignified. Indeed.

so good! gmv edgar.

Hey everybody,

Milo should have brought his proton gun.




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As always, your comments and votes are greatly appreciated!
Thank you for looking at my design!

I love everything about this. Wonderful colors too. I love the placement on the shirt.

Inspired by A Wrinkle in Time

I remember that book. Drakxxx I love the color palette and the illo.

Anyone know this book? Not me. Like the design though!

I know the black on grey can be tricky (like a few folks said with the Nevermore shirt, but a large part of that was that the lines were so thin). Just to be safe, however, I added a lot of the light grey next to the black to help out areas where I wanted the design to stand out. Thanks and enjoy.

:smiley: Dr. Seusssss

Inspired by Call of the Wild

Really well done, love the idea and loved this book growing up!

Awesome! My favorite book of all time.

The population of the koala in Australia has been dropping. One big reason for this is the destruction of their natural habitat. It’s a sad situation where they’ really are losing their paradise.

I love the variety in your pieces. Love the placement and the design.

I like! This is really a beautiful design. GMV

Please do a children’s book sometime. Your illustrations are wonderful!

Inspired by “Mostly Harmless” (title only), as well as Fablefire’s entry in the Pets derby. In fact, I suggested this idea to her first, but she didn’t bite. Here Cerberus has two playful heads (not counting the tail) and one vicious visage. Hey, only one-third is dangerous. He’s mostly harmless. :wink:

I’m submitting this mostly just to get my feet wet again. I’m rusty. ><

The snake tail’s heart is blue because snakes are cold-blooded, of course. :slight_smile:

The dragon represents the different seasons from spring, summer, fall, and then winter

Based on a children’s book of the same name… And since it was at Kitty Hawk, I thought birds…