Derby entry comments for Derby #77: Alternate History

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Decided to go a different route from my original idea :slight_smile:

CLICK HERE for detail image
CLICK HERE for closeup

What if all gladiators existed in ancient Rome? Suddenly Nitro doesn’t look so hot :wink:

Perfect! <3

Sure, the RoadRunner was getting up in age; and yes, he was running low on sleep—but the Coyote will still savor this victory, several decades in the making. No longer will he be the butt of jokes in the desert. It is time for a new obsession, but first, he celebrates.


Midnight approaches … What will happen? Surely the conspiracy theorists and fortune tellers can’t be right. But, what if they are right? The clock slowly ticks and reaches midnight, January 1, 2000. The world is bright for a moment, then all is dark.


So maybe one guy couldn’t stand up to the might of the Chinese.

Great Scott!

As a major fan of vinyl, I think this would be the only way portable audio would work in the analog age. I seem to remember an LP player that was “portable”- you slipped the album in a side slot and it would play internally using a tracking arm. Bet it wasn’t unskippable :slight_smile:

Bunnies in space! Yes! :smiley:

Oooo, nicely done. Well drawn, good double reference, and lovely color choice!

History might have been a bit different if the Vikings had moved southward…

Very well drawn and impressive way to simplify the large audience and setting.

Very cool illustration. GMV. :smiley: I like the perspective.

haha! great idea.

Love this! Especially how the head gear has ear holes. ^-^

great idea. great colors. great shirt.

I also recently did a dino-themed entry at Threadless, so if you enjoyed this one please take a look and vote/comment on the other:

The dead people make me sad.

This is friggin great.