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Original idea by elwayman02.

I wanted to do something a bit different this week with more detailed line work and a different style. There are 2 stories being told in this picture, one across the top and one across the bottom (or, maybe more like one story that starts on the bottom and ends on the top) :slight_smile:

Oh and I forgot to mention, the queen of spades is holding one of the garments of the king of hearts, in case you were wondering what that is.



This design is to signify how fragile love is- one wrong move, and it shatters. Ouch. Too bad they don’t make them with safety glass.

Scary monsters, superfreaks. Boots2 I love this immensely. The purple glow is fantastic, plus I love demented toys!

Alternate title: Your loss is my lunch

This is a tale of loss, tragedy… And sacrifice.
I would like to thank all the fish out there who have given up their loves to bring me this delicious meal.
Let me know what you think! My challenge was not to use any hearts this week, hah. :o


Updated closeup, Click for full size.

Life is cruel off the wall.

Click for detail image

The stuffed animal you couldn’t sleep without as a kid… now in the back of your closet. poor teddy.

Wow. A++ :smiley:

Here’s a cute broken heart design for you wooters.

I love your style ski.

Reginald and Virginia were enjoying a quiet evening alone when their world suddenly changed. Somehow, Reginald had always known that the two would someday be separated, but he didn’t know when or why. Reginald never expressed these fears to her, but secretly hoped even deeper down that love would keep them together. As time passed and the loaf grew shorter, the two grew more worried. In fact, one of the last things that Reginald ever told Virginia was, "our love is enough to keep us together. Others may need jellies, jams, honey, or peanut butter, but if we continue to love, we will always be one.

[enter heartbreak]

With a few quick passes of the knife she was gone from his life forever. Who knows what would happen to her out there is that cruel, barbaric world…

Would she be toasted or forced to join with another slice of bread and spend her few remaining hours locked away in some paper lunch sack? Where was Virginia going? Reginald was not sure. However, he did know one thing: Although separated, their love would keep them together.

Love is a battlefield…

The World’s Smallest Violin Playing Just For You

You’re breaking my heart. No really.

Click for a LARGER IMAGE

Hey guys, here are some detail shots for ya. Comments appreciated!


And this last one is a full view but the quality is a bit rough

These are the direct links
Detail one
Detail two
Detail three
My mom once told me that whenever someone breaks your heart that it plants a seed that grows and mends your heart and makes it even more beautiful than it was before. Cheesy, I know, but I thought I’d go with it 

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okay, i just audibly gasped when i saw this - beyond amazing!

Start the day off right. :slight_smile:

At the time, David’s world was perfect. Mr Ripple, the ice cream man, had just left the block and David was on his way back home with a single scoop of his favorite summer treat, strawberry ice cream.

Unfortunately, the stars were misaligned for David and his cold, creamy treat. As fate would have it, there was a rock on the sidewalk that David did not see because he was so focused on his ice cream cone.

David tripped.

In that single, horrible moment, David felt a lifetime of anguish and heartbreak as his childhood innocence slipped onto the sidewalk and melted away. It was forever gone. Poor David. Poor, poor David…