Derby entry comments for Derby #86: TV Show Titles Re-Interpreted

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Ducktales, ah-WOO-ooo!

These guys are programmed for programs.

Other tv titles:
Extreme Machines
American Gladiators
Full House

Please enjoy, humans!

If you want me to, I can hang 'round with you. If I only knew, that’s what you’re in to.

Been a while since I’ve submitted something. Thought I’d try it again. ^_^;

When dragons tell stories it’s not in words, now is it?

Never seen the show, by the way.

Please vote for my interpretation of “Scrubs”. The bloody smily face in the background not only serves as a fun juxtaposition to the grisly scene, but also is a reference to the fact that the show is actually a comedy. I hope you like it!

This is supposed to be my “fun” interpretation of Mad Men on AMC. I love the show and this shirt amuses me. Hope you enjoy!

He doesnt like being treated like he is feeble…

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Ugh. Really?

When Joe went out for a nice afternoon of fishing he had no idea what he was going to reel in…

Here’s a bigger picture since it’s hard to fit a long design in the comp box.

It turned out really pretty, Loop.

My next thought… “Uh Oh”

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YEHA!!! This would be fun.

This was my quick idea for this derby. Hopefully I will have time for one more.

Comments are welcome! Cheers!

That was fun to look at.

Inpired By: The Bugs Bunny Show

It was either an insect or a VW beetle! This would make a great Easter present for your Ant. Perhaps this will stem some genetic engineering discussion? I should feed the poor thing something other than a carrot… Can you imagine how fast the combination of the two could reproduce?*H_(TV_series)

Inspired By: MAS*H
Hopefully this entry won’t go under the radar. Get a size that fits you so it won’t be a clinger. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital? Naaaa, MASHED TATERS! The hairstyle I call the “Saganalda” cut.

Noice. I likey alot.

Inspired by, but completely unrelated to, the title of the BBC show, “Shooting Stars”.