Derby entry comments for Derby #88: Music

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Details on Interloper design:

Also, Rock the Cello:

mozart lays down the beat.

The piano mouthed little creatures are representative of the ability of music. When the instrument dies, they move on.

Link to a larger comp:




Thanks as always guys!

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Beethoven. Mozart. Bach. Geniuses in their own right, but can they be considered Heroes? So, now they’re back and ready to show off their skills in a new age. Get ready for the Wolfy and the B-Tones World Tour!

I wouldn’t mind catching this infection. Enjoy.

Ramyb this is a great use of the derby. Well done… I smell fog.

Click for a detail view

I was gonna draw flowers.

These are a few of my favorite things.

I know why the ostrich sings.
For the ostrich sings Mr. Mister…

Nice use of color!

I quite enjoy making electronic music, this is inspired by the creation from software to speakers. The city outline is Detroit, home of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world.

The reason I like electronic music so much is that it transcends what people assume is techno… we find it in everything from Dance to Hip Hop to Indie to Metal and everything in between.

Nice one, Drakxxx. I love the little guys, they’re creepy and cute at the same time.

Wow, good use of half tones. I like the colors too.

This one is going to do well…

I’m in for one…

Larger Version

You sir, are at your best… I am speechless. GMV. This is a must have for me.

Listening to Across the Universe soundtrack right now… Cool.