Derby entry comments for Derby #91: Trees

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6 colors on navy. (Oh how I wish for Threadless’s 8 colors… xD)

There were two main goals for this design - do a design where the ink is framed by the shirt, and use interesting colors :slight_smile: I hope you like.

Will post closeups soon

A long time ago I won a derby with a design I actually wasn’t that thrilled with (due to colors and not having a good source image). This is one I’d really like to wear.

Placeholder. :slight_smile:

sometimes its tough when you have to relocate. sometimes you get lucky.

Thank you to the following for their comments in the main thread, helping me shape this design quite a bit. Constant small changes can make a big impact. I really appreciate your thoughts and help!

Mad props to: eHalcyon, jasneko, SavedChristian, superspryte, sakleehop, onelittlefish, Sapherynth

PS: Special thanks to Sapherynth, for indirectly finding my title for me :slight_smile:

Sometimes a tree has to struggle and grow a unique way to survive. This took quite a long time to do -hope you enjoy!

I know I’d grow one of these. I bet in the summer, when it gets really hot, you’d have caramel corn!

There is hope in nature. If we cut all the trees down, Nature will find a way to replace what was lost. This design has 5 colors, and is a massive redo from a previous last-day submission.

This abstract uses a tree that’s in front of my house…I loved the flow of this section of branches and thought it would lend itself well to an abstract. I hope you like it!

celebrate your love for trees and the greatest saga of all time at the same time!

very pretty :slight_smile:

I like it but that money symbol on the tree would probably get this rejected :confused:

First submission ever! Tell me what you think!

I love japanese maples. Just planted a tiny red one in front of my house.

My pleasure! Directly or indirectly. The design looks great :-). Kudos. GMV

View a larger version of The Bus Stop Burglary here.

Flamingos in the tree? That is very tacky. Guess there wasn’t any room on the ground.

First time entering, this should be exciting!