Derby entry comments for Derby #94: Air

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Going for something a little more light hearted this week, I hope you guys don’t mind.

Kiwis are certainly my favorite flightless bird.:slight_smile:



keeping with my earth-friendly theme for the month.

My take on a dandelion…
Much thanks to all who gave their color preferences and encouragement.
I appreciate your comments and votes!

Edit: This was rejected, unfortunately. Thanks so much for the support - this was my first design (of many many designs) to fog and I was very excited to be there (and extremely let down when it was rejected).

I do have another design available with a similar color scheme that I hope you’ll take a look at:

I put away the tablet for this one and had fun with illustrator again.

kites on cranberry.

I love it! Great placement and great design. GMV.

Astronauts stumble onto a strange patch of air in the middle of outer space.

I want it!!!

Love it! I really enjoy the color’s in this one. It’s very appealing to the eye.

Nice shirt!

This was a lot of fun to make. It was almost a stream of consciousness drawing. Just whatever came into my head when I thought about air. And then I cleaned it up and simplified it a lot for the shirt. I’m really happy with it and hope you enjoy it too.

Here’s a better look:

Please vote for my Bubble-Boy!

A bit of a play on words and what could be known as an urban tumbleweed.

Sick design!

Here’s a larger image. You should be able to just right click and view image to see the whole thing.

We Rule the Air

oh I love this one. I hope it gets enough votes.
fingers crossed!

Pretty much a must print. GMV.

Nice shirt Ski!

This is just something a little fun and a little different for me. I hope you enjoy and vote. Thanks!