Derby entry comments for Derby #96: Dance

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Thanks in advance for the support guys.


my yellow flame she dances.

5 colors on black.

an homage to that pinnacle of video game interaction “Dance Dance Revolution!”

Choose Your Move! The Sprinkler? The Shopping Cart? :slight_smile: Hope everyone likes it!

Oh no he didn’t…
Oh yes he did…


Chicken Dance!!!

Humpty Dumpty danced on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Please support the Humpty Dance!


A Jabsco-inspired Skank shirt. “Mod 3.0” because Jabsco was already the 2nd Mod revival…

Awesome shirt! I hope this ends up in the fog!


Detail 1

Detail 2

Pretty cool! Very creative.


i tried for something that would appeal to both guys and gals… hope everyone likes it!

Gorgeous, but where’s the template? I’d hate to see it rejected ('cause I want one!)

Very compelling! Great illustration.

Some dancin trees…
Thanks for everyone’s help in the derby thread!
Vote and feedback appreaciated.

Yo yo yo yo Boyz!
Get outta my grill, step up and listen.
Represent and stop your fishing.
Turtle gets your go slow,
Rabbit gets your go fast.
Drop your ballot here and go,
Stepping out of yo past.
Leave the loser in the slag,
Excuse this bafooky.
My spitting skillz are teh drag,
This entry is a mooky.

Wow, straight out of the gates, a triple post.