Derby entry comments for Derby #97: BBQ


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King of the Grill

6 colors on red.


Guys, thanks so much for the support on this one. I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

My inspiration for the colors and illustration came from various silly monster toys and cartoons from the 80’s. Someone mentioned My Pet Monster which is a great example.


The top ones are oblivious, professor zuchini in the center starts to sense something is going to happen, and the bottom ones… well…

Thanks for all the feedback in the pre-derby thread!


Please vote for my all-american weenie roast!


Face it- It’s in the genes! We have no choice but to barbecue- whether it’s bananas, plantain, and big ole grubs like these orangs do, or beef ribs and brisket like them Texans do, since we discovered fire, we’ve burned our food on it. Boy Howdy!



GREAT JOB, Drakxxx!

Lovin’ it! I prefer the cream, but it works on the green very well. I love the purple, as well as a very clever (and cute?!) design.



My entry for the BBQ derby. There’s nothing like Whale Blubber and Revenge! Served Hot and Spicy!

EDIT Gah! I uploaded the wrong comp. Below is what it really looks like on the shirt. (The whale is a tad smaller, that’s all)


I tried to avoid doing dragons in the past derby, but this one was just too perfect.

Please, no giant sausage jokes. XD


Vote for my grill-demon!


LOVE it!


Looks great, Skiro. I’d definitely wear this. GMV :slight_smile:




Awesome design! The flames are great!


I like.


really do love this one. nice job :slight_smile:


ohhhh, I love the green on black!

Great job, Noisdois!

You have my vote.




Detail pics:

Placeholder for detail pics.