Derby entry comments for Derby #99: The Sun

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cool summer.

2 colors on navy.

The sun welcomes all visitors, unlike that jerk, the moon. But can you really blame the moon? They shot him the eye for heaven’s sake.

Every night, Ra the Sun God steers his boat on a cosmic voyage through the Land of the Dead, to bring the new day each morning

I love the illustration within the sun! Great work!

Please support my melting bomb pop in the sun!

Happy bite-sized harbingers of sun radiation. Cheery though they are, I’m not entirely sure you’d want them in your front-yard planter.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for the ideas and feedback everyone!

I Claim this Sun for GYAAHHHH!!!

Didn’t comment earlier - love it! Really great.

Peacock Feather

Thanks again for evreyone’s interest and suggestions in regards to this peice.

This one is officially the most work I’ve put into a design yet,
but I’m very pleased with it, and I hope you guys like it as well.

Also, the colored hieroglyphics say “BEHOLD THE SUN”. :slight_smile:

Thanks as always for your votes and support.




Uh, oh, Ramy is back! Nice detail in the sun. Are the squares supposed to be anything, or are they just a graphic element?

My take on the elegant Japanese Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu. And don’t worry, that’s not an actual character behind her-- so 'tis textless.

Hope you enjoy!


Too soon?

The sun has been the source of ant-demise for a very long time, via the magnifying glass.


Very funny!

this is a big “DOH!”

and, of course…Lemon is the new asphalt!

Trying a new style yet again. I hope you like it!