Derby entry comments for Derby Contest #674: MedTEEval Shirts!

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Haha! I love it.


Ah yeah!

The word may not have come around until the 16th century, but I know there were some sassy people around!

Oh nay! Had a fun time reimagining this scene from LOTR as if it was a Medieval tapestry.

I may go to hell for giving this girl cleavage

It was harder to make friends in ye olden times.

Wow! This is great! Reminds me of old Disney movie art.

Seems like joust puns are in this week. I like this one though.

Groovy Baby!

awesome. love the negative space.

Side Effects May Include:
Death, Excess Bleeding, Butt Demons, Family Curses, Excess Bleeding, Satanic Possesion, The Plague, and Leech Bites

haha. i was surprised when I saw the full comp. funny!

Prince would have been magnificent in the Middle Ages.

doooooood. this is NOICE!

beautiful illustration. GMV.

This song has been in my head all day.

Where have you been?!