Derby entry comments for Derby Contest #675: All Hallows Sleeve

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Happy Hallowoot to one and all. Here’s the 4th in my nearly annual tradition of ghost house designs. Please help it become a shirt!

>>See it BIG! <<



Don’t leave home without your pocket ghost. Eats dust bunnies and bad thoughts.


Pennywise the clown is hiding in your pocket - ready to make you float too.



Love Buffy, love this shirt. Beer is pretty ok too.

Eat your vegetables

Two illusions for the price of one…vote. <3

If I’m going to trick or treat, the houses better have my candy!

Ewww. Pie.

Will hopefully work for non-Halloween times too.

El Día de los Vengadores!

Collaboration with the talented Italiux!

No Face with a new scheme!!! Hope you dig it- Halloween is my favorite!

So stinkin cute and well done!!

very smart

Bat and Cat friends team up to get more candy.

whoaah !

This is going to get printed, if it’s the last thing I do. I updated the colors (cuz more colors, woo!) and fixed her hair. Print me please! I have 3 friends lined up to buy one. :slight_smile:

Can you name all the candies?