Derby entry comments for Derby Contest #677: First World Problems

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Some detail:

Mercury is the first planet. Get it?!?!?

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Bills to pay and work to do, but all I wanna do is eat chips and watch cat videos all day…

This would be great on a sweatshirt.

I LOLed. This is good

A good selfie is hard.

thats a good one :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that I am the only one who made a Wi-Fi shirt…

ever. flipping. time.

woah I love it! can I buy it already please woot :slight_smile:

Makes me want to a “Stranger Things: USB” Always upside down. Shirt design

Bu… fff… r… ing…

Annoy your friends, confuse millennials play this vid… SPEAKERS UP!


Nice! Love the style departure.


Tape a cat to it.

The real First World Problem :frowning: