Derby Near Misses Round One

Just today I was saying I needed a new robot shirt. Where’s the mike, shirtwoot!, where’s the mike ; )

Oooh almost always have to support Kevlar’s robot (I was torn on the TIN print because it wasn’t the classic robot and my name is Tim, so I thought having TIN so big on my shirt might be a bit odd).

However, this one is amazing! Such a simplistic yet very detailed print! This would make a great poster print, by the way! Will have to make do with a shirt for now.

Four years later, It Came For Cotton Candy is finally a shirt!

Thanks Travis!!

love the new robot shirt, plus the coffee!!


Yay! I’m so happy my Enterprise Coffee shirt printed. Thank so much, woot! Awesome first round of near misses. I have some shopping to do! :slight_smile:

I concur.

Congrats, J5!

How does shirt.woot get a ‘near miss’ print?

It’s a tgentry design. I wasn’t around when he became art director, but I’m guessing that his becoming staff gave woot ownership of all future prints of his…or something like that.

Thanks so much Woot! Thrilled to have one of my robots print here (and equally thrilled to see others excited about it too)!

Congrats to all the artists for finding homes for these great designs!

Thanks woot for finally printing the shirt we’ve been begging and bitching about for 2 years!


Hear, Hear !!!

I like this idea, CONGRATS to all who were printed ! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll be picking up El Prospector Cansado as my ‘don’t give up’ shirt. It squeaked fourth in 2008. Now that’s a design that was overdue.

Eh, I like the way gildan tees feel more than the ones they use here. If I get a hankering for it, I’ll get it on a gildan.

Thanks for the print Woot!

Love this idea! -And it LOOKS like woot went down the forum post and picked art from the first handful of artist who posted- Then added Spiritgreen for his brilliant idea and brought in some classic tgentry love- This is exciting for all who participated! YAY!