Derby Preview #683: Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

I know you’ve been busy knitting away your ugly sweater ideas all year and just waiting in joyful anticipation for your favorite derby of the year! Yes it is here! It is the Ugly Holiday Sweater derby, finally! We are looking for designs that resemble knitted sweaters - and I am a knitter so no wool will be pulled over these eyes - also our crewnecks are cotton, so only cotton will be pulled over my eyes when I wear them. So pull out your yarn and needles and get stitching, it’s time to create some ugly! No non-sweater Christmas or Hanukkah designs and no cream shirts.

In the holiday spirit but don’t want to knit it? Submit Christmas or non-holiday shirt designs through the standard submission portal , instead!

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Thanks for the specificity.
Holiday Sweater relating to Christmas and Hanukkah only?
No Kwanzaa, New Years, Boxing day, etc?

Must be designed to look like a Holiday Sweater, right. Don’t draw a cat wearing a holiday sweater unless the entire design looks like a holiday sweater of a a cat wearing a holiday sweater… How meta!? Basically the design should have that pixelated or cross-stitch look, right? A bunch of X’s or V’s or slashes, etc.

I know I am belaboring the point, but there will be questions and there will be people that do not read.

No non-sweater Christmas or Hanukkah designs and no cream shirts. - I think this means no non-ugly sweater versions of Holiday shirts. I assume they are not outlawing other December Holidays.

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Yes you got it, don’t draw a cat wearing a holiday sweater UNLESS the design looks like a sweater of a cat wearing a holiday sweater and is in the style of being knitted or stitched.

This is not limited to Christmas and Hanukkah - I only call those out specifically because that is the bulk of the entries we get around this time of year. But all December (or early January) holidays would be welcome, New Years, Three King’s…

The point of saying no non-sweater Christmas is just to point out that if you want to submit non-sweater holiday designs, just submit to the regular submission process, not here. And maybe that is a better way to phrase it in the write-up, non-sweater holiday.


Yes, this is how we meant that - any December holidays are welcome, and early January, New Years and Three Kings are part of the same holiday ‘season’. Although I don’t know how many sales a Three Kings ugly sweater would generate, quite a regionally celebrated holiday I believe? So I would maybe stick to more widely celebrated ones?


I assume these will only be offered on crewnecks if they’re submitted on one of the new long sleeve color options?

I assume these will only be offered on crewnecks if they’re submitted on one of the new long sleeve color options?

Not quite, they will be offered on all products available in the color you submit your design on. As a reminder crewnecks, long sleeves & hoodies are available on Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Heather Grey and Dark Heather. Tees are also available in these 5 colors, so if you submit your design on one of these 5 colors, it would be available on tees as well as the long sleeve options.

Any color where long sleeves are not available, your design would be produced on the tee only.

As a reminder, new templates with all new colors are available here!

And overview of new products and new tee colors is here!

Also, to make sure your artwork comes to us in the best possible way to produce a quality print and quickly get it for sale, brush up on our design guidelines here!


Will Thanksgiving affect the submission time for the Ugly Holiday Sweater Derby tomorrow? Or will submissions still open at Noon CST?

Submissions will still open at noon CST!

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I didn’t want to muck up the guidelines thread, but is a copy of Travis’ and Patrick’s “Design Tips: I Have Become Halftone, Destroyer of Shirts… (Part One)” still available to repost? The original post itself was wiped out even before the transition to the new forums here.

I also couldn’t find “A halftone tutorial by ramyb”, although I could probably find a copy locally by searching for an ugly apple.

Those two tutorials seems to have been the most referenced in the past here.

(It’s not so much for me – I can’t draw – but for other artists to reference in the future.)

I will dig into this…After black Friday and Cyber Monday though…if you don’t mind! Being so new, I am not familiar with either but I can talk to some seniors and find out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you!

Oh yeah, not a rush. Just something that I think might be helpful to include as reference in the guidelines post.

(Granted, this is also presuming that the methods mentioned are still applicable. Both tutorials are well over 6 years old now.)