Derby Preview #690: This or That


This week’s derby is looking at both sides of every story. We want to see opposites and differences and contrasts shown in your designs!

Since the world is not just black and white, an extra challenge this week is that you are limited to the following tee colors!

Black, White, Asphalt, Slate, Silver, Heather Grey & dark Heather .

Your designs can be as colorful as you’d like, the bases however are limited to shades of grey!



Favorite music video ever.



And can you also add no politics to this one? It just seems like low hanging fruit and a bunch of ppl are gonna get butt hurt real quick.


Back to designing after a year and a half hiatus after the birth of my twin boys…

Noticed that there are new shirt colors, derby submission guidelines etc. But are not reflected in the templates. Is there a post somewhere with all this info / shirt templates for the new colors?



Here are couple threads:



Awesome, exactly what I was looking for.