Derby Preview #696: Slogan Tees

LOL, this is exact reason why I asked for clarification before going any further with my design. It’s a shame because most of these designs are definitely Fog worthy :grimacing:

There are some great rejected ones that we would also take through the regular portal…so all is not lost!!!

Rejections are hard, I hate it. I know how much time is spent on these, but also have to uphold the guidelines for those that followed them…so hopefully some of those rejections find themselves in the regular submissions.

Holy Rejects Batman! I think a good argument could be made that the text is the main feature of the design in most of the designs that were rejected.

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That was true for the BACON design above in this thread, but she still stated that design would not fly.

Yeah, that was rough. I felt embellishments were OK (based on the first thread comments) as long as the text was still the principle/focus element. I was surprised that my movies design was DQd for that reason. I did sub them directly, @Lady5tark, so be on the lookout.

Hopefully they will see light of day. :slight_smile:

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