Derby Preview #706: Shirts of Bad Advice

Old wives tales, urban legends or supposed truths that are just bad! We are looking for bad advice you were given as a child or adult, now that you are enlightened and know the truth. OH! And one more thing…the most important thing…this week is TEXT ONLY! As previous text only contests, small embellishments that are incorporated into the text are allowed. Or small flourishes that embellish the design, but no extra graphics or pictorial references are allowed.

No box standard fonts are allowed either, we want hand lettering or computer manipulated beautiful typography! No politics or cream tees here either!

This Derby Contest runs May 2nd - May 9th.

Want to draw pretty pictures not words? Submit over here through the regular portal instead!

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Here’s a link to the last text only derby, for anyone who wants a reference on what has been rejected in the past :slight_smile:



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Can I get an opinion on my embellishments? I think the pyramid bricks are light enough, but I don’t like rejection

NEXT? 707?

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I second this comment :+1:

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Is the plan to reject all shirts that look to have FONTS used? Because… I think you have your work cut out for you this week!

How about the ones that aren’t bad advice. They’re just slogans.

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Right, I sat this one out because all I could come up with were slogans. I didn’t know that rules are for suckers…

Whats an example of something you wanted to do and didn’t?

“Be Graphically Graphic” But I didn’t think that was advice as much as a slogan.
“Spells like teen spirit” but not really advice either, just funny play on words, with a bit of a Sabrina nod.

Which ones do you think are slogans not bad advice?

This is one example that is a slogan, and not advice:

There’s lots of others.

I agree with the others, I think there are a bunch that don’t follow the rules of the derby.

But I also think it’s not fair to have us call out other designers to get them disqualified.

I was very hesitant to do so, and did just as an example. The guilt is real. :frowning:

There is a tattle button if you’d like to not make it public. However, I don’t think it’s calling out other designers, I think it’s giving a public forum to explain the design and also a place for voters to discuss it.

I will often start a discussion to give the designers a chance to explain or provide references for their design before rejecting as I don’t always know, and if it’s public then everyone will understand and there’s no need to tattle if it is within theme and guidelines.

There are a few this week that I question whether they are advice, however I could argue they could be read as advice so I haven’t DQ’d them. The “science isn’t real” design for example, I can read that as bad advice. It’s stated as a fact, however it is not a fact, therefore someone’s opinion, and received as bad advice…I know I overthink things.

I don’t think you’re calling anyone out, you’re not saying anything negative, other than you don’t think it is within theme, which is totally fair! It would seem a bit harsh if rejections were immediately being made after designs were called out in the forums, but the point of posting here is for a discussion, there isn’t malintent and I think that’s the difference.

Advice implies some kind of action right?
The formal definition is “guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.”

So I guess if you start the phrase with, “My guidance is…” and it doesn’t make sense, it’s not advice (bad or otherwise). At least in most cases.

That makes sense, and a good measuring bar.

This was commented to a certain artist in the #248 HMs:

Eventually you reach the point where you don’t even read the Derby theme before you submit stuff.

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