Derby Preview #733: Subversive Holidays

Since it’s such late notice - I won’t reject…but I will ask you to sub in the ugly sweaters derby if you would like to…

Clearly I have no artistic ability…see this abomination.

However, I’VE GOT IDEAS THAT THE WORLD DESERVES TO SEE! Who am I to let my lack of ability deprive Wooters of sweet tee’s?

Picture this —a close up of a dark and gritty Santa face who, instead of a beard, has an Antifa style mask (lower face cover, I’m thinking subzero/scorpion style) - or even a mask which is made to look like a Santa beard? [I’ll wait while your mind reassembles from being blown]

Who’s wants to make it happen!?

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They do editor’s choice on Monday right? Pretty sure the poultrytariat will make the cut!

P.S. anyone seen @Narfcake? Seems like it’s been a minute…