Derby Preview #779: Fall

I guess I’m confused by this: “To choose your product, submit a mock up on your chosen product in your Derby entry mock up thumbnail. You also have the option to submit a second piece of artwork for your chosen product if you submit it as a regular submission through the portal and name your design using the following convention: “CHOOSE: [product type] [design name]”.”

It’s asking for a mockup on your chosen product. Also you want the mockup in the thumbnail itself, not the comp like usual? But then submit a second piece of art differently, not in the actual comp? Sorry, it may be because I’m really tired but I’m quite confused.
Could you explain this further?

Hey @jasneko sorry I wasn’t too clear on this. So the mock up is not essential, nor is choosing your product. I will happily do that for you.

If you do want to choose, you can make your own mock up, OR submit a second piece of art that is formatted to roughly work on any of the products listed with the product type in the design title. We use shirt templates to reformat any artwork for those products so you don’t have to use any special template. Also, neither of these things is required for your Derby entry, its just an option you have. If you want to make your art into a pouch for example, you can use any kind of accessory pouch template you can find on the internet, or one from a previous woot sale. You won’t be penalized for it not looking exactly like the final product.

We’ve had artists submit gorgeous apron mock-ups with beautiful leather straps, that we can’t replicate in production, but we still printed the design on our aprons!

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New member here. Thanks for this info and hoping to get somewhere with Hallowe’en. If it sucks, will drown my sorrow in 15 pounds of candy and try in the week after! Lolololol!

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Welcome!! Glad to have you in the Derby!

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Thanks! Hope I do it right. Images are ready. See you have two. Hallowe’en and video games? I am a candy vacuum cleaner but a video game zero. Also, where do I put #halloween again?

It’s really just one, Halloween launches tonight, video games next week. I got my dates wrong.

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#halloween you can submit through the regular portal here.

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Oh gee wizz, got it wrong. Come on up to my house young lady. Only 5 pounds of candy for you.