Derby Previews!

This is where you can find previews for the following week’s Derby Contest!

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Derby Contest #679 Preview: Hand Lettering & Typography!

Let your draftsmanship show with wonderful hand drawn letters, or demonstrate your impeccable eye for a beautifully kerned prose in this Derby. This weeks contest is TEXT ONLY! The message is yours to decide but please no politics, no holidays, no dates and please keep in mind, a t-shirt is not the place to publish your manuscript. And as always, no cream tees.

Submit your non-text designs through the standard submission portal.


So no other elements BUT text? Like are flourishes, banners and other accompanying items OK?

Yes accompanying items are ok as long as the text is the main feature of the design.



Probably just going to do this in one color…what color shirt should I put it on?

Derby Contest #680 Preview: Road Trip!

We’re going on a road trip and we’re gonna bring an Apple, a Banana, a Cat…and a Shirt! Ok, I skipped a couple letters… the vehicle is anything with wheels that can, ya know, travel on a road. The destination is up to you and so is the content! Yep, there are no rules here except no cream tees!

Submit your planes, trains and boat designs through the standard submission portal.

Wait – so anything? Or it has to have a road vehicle on it? I NEED MORE WORDS!


Yes, I need more words too. Is this about vehicles or trips?

I like more words, too!

It’s the purge of woot shirt derby contests!

I intentionally left this one open since we’ve had a couple derbies with a lot of guidelines. Regarding vehicles, as long as the vehicle is physically capable of travelling on a road, it counts. But your design does not have to have a vehicle in it, but should be centered around the theme of road trips.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

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What!?! Not liking the themes!!! I just took over and I’m new! Be nice to me! Haha, I kid…I do appreciate any feedback, I am trying to strike a balance between between lots of guidelines and less and vary the themes so it is interesting for artists and customers. Obviously there are things we can never print, cream tees, trademarks and nudity to name a few, but I think everyone is fairly familiar with those those so I don’t need to repeat myself every time.

See above ^^^ is that enough words??


i will put a tardis on wheels ;-)))


With a cat!

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Oh yes!!!i forgot this one.Working on it already ;))

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And the tittle will be:On the road to Catliffrey

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