Derby Previews!



I wore @acraigl’s shirt last night, so mentioning a Tardis was fresh in my mind.
How to Shirt


It really sums it up very well.I stopped drinking coffee though.


yes, please!


I stopped too. That’s because the coffee maker at work broke. :scream_cat:

(Replacement is due Monday.)


Seriously though, @ladystark, can we put spaceships in it?


can you guys print shirt designs with song lyrics? asking for a friend who got a design rejected recently and isn’t the least bit gun shy now…


You can probably get away with all sorts of derivative property using quotes and portions of song lyrics, but trademarks are heavily policed/protected by rights owners.


Do you have an ETA on all those wonderful wooter suggestions that we did a while back? Or will they all get “wheeled” out in a random fashion? Relating to your post on “well known no-nos” Each week there could potentially be noobs. It would be great if the suggestion about an ongoing list of “no-no’s” were list somewhere and linked to in the derby theme announcement. This could include, but not limited to, the things you will not print, brands and artists to NEVER emulate (i.e. Calvin and Hobbs), never using photos, etc. That way, if an entry is debatable, one can just point to this list for clarification. I would imagine that this list will grow, and it might not be bad to have it as a THREAD, with the list as a STICKY. Then if there are things to add or remove, the discussion can ensue and the STICKY can be modified. Just my two cents.


If your spaceship is on wheels that can drive on a road I don’t see why not?


Ditto what @ste7enl said, I’m not familiar with the design, but it could have been rejected for a number of reasons, not necessarily the lyrics?

Further to @ste7enl, if it is in the public domain, it is considered safe. Derivatives are fine, direct quotes WITH an attribution can be ok, but since we’re not paying royalties they can always come after us and ask us to remove, so more risky. Does not mean we won’t print it if it is a good design that will sell well, but something to consider when putting it out there.

@benjaminleebates Starting a new thread is a great idea, especially since we have these pretty new forums! I can also link to the standing guidelines post on the derby page every week, so thank you for the heads up. I will try to compile a list of print no-no’s from the team here, but once I start the thread if you guys want to chime in with brands you know are no-no’s that would be great! I can keep the original list updated as you call things out? I will link to it in here shortly!

These will eventually be posted on the derby submission page, however as for when the submission page will be updated I can’t give you an answer right now, other than we are working on it. Will try to keep you posted when we have a better timeline.


I mean, where would we be without the shirt… “When I think about Books, I touch my shelf.”? Props to the song for inspiration!


That’s a perfect amount of words. :slight_smile: