Derby Wine Estates Mixed Whites (6)

Derby Wine Estates Mixed Whites 6-Pack
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2012 Fifteen 10 White Rhone Blend, Paso Robles
2012 Grenache Blanc, Paso Robles
2013 Albariño, Paso Robles

Any debaters?

We had an earlier vintage (2010) of the Fifteen 10 blend and really liked it. Went well with a variety of different foods and was also enjoyable on its own. Similar blend as the 2012 but with slightly different percentages.

Hey everyone, Ethan here, let me know if you have any questions about the wines in the offer.

Sorry nothing but Buddy Holly and the…Crickets

In for an order, these all sound great.
I did notice some slight differences on the aging for the first two on your site vs the specs here on woot.
The 2013 Albariño seems to be a change over the way the 2012 was made with the blend and the aging - tell us about the use of amphora. I had to google that, never heard that term before in wine making.

Thanks Michael.
An amphora is a “new”/ancient method of aging/storing wine. Historically, large amphora were buried in the ground to protect the wine from both temperature and theft. Nowadays we use the flat-bottomed above-ground style because we have air-conditioning, and locked doors.
I see the use of an amphora as a component of the final blend as it can reduce the perception of sweetness and increase the mineral aspect.
2013 was the first year utilizing an amphora at Derby.

Similar (it sounds) to the concrete vats they use in France, then.
Always looking for interesting whites.

So close to pulling the trigger but lack of debaters making me rethink…sound up my alley but will likely wait for notes