Derek Jeter Art Prints

Baseball just isn’t the same without Jeter. With Mariano and now Jeter gone, baseball is boring. We were lucky to have two of the best ever to play the game right in my back yard. I imagine Jeter paraphernalia will sell for the first few games of the season and then slow. Most of his long time fans have already purchased or collected what we are going to get. I was lucky enough to get a personally signature from him during an event I attended a few years ago. Nothing can come close…

We so goodbye to a great era in baseball, not sure baseball is going to see such a great dynasty and a team that was so much fun to watch with players who really knew what the game is about, and not today’s typical players that just go for the largest gold mine.

I dunno, it’s easy to get romantic about baseball, but Jeter wasn’t a great defensive shortstop. Pretty sure Gregorius is going to put on quite a show this year in Jeet’s old slot. If you’re watching the game for two old vets, I don’t think you’re watching it right. At the same time, to each their own.

I don’t think anyone claims Jeter was a great defensive shortstop. But he was one of the greatest baseball players. You have to look at the entirety of his baseball career.

It’s impossible, in my mind, to be romantic about baseball at all any more. Since the '94 strike, baseball has been going down hill. The crazy expansions, the bullshit importance given to the All Star Game. The who gives a flying eff about PEDs. (All they are doing is taking a level playing field with PEDs and trying to make it a level playing field without PED’s. But there are other substances and methods.)

The destruction of the starting pitcher. Nolan Ryan is the only one who has it right… Every time a starter goes out, he is expected to pitch 27 outs. You think all these elbow and shoulder injuries are just some random occurrence? Not at all. Organizations are no longer building their pitchers strength. They are more concerned with pitch counts and getting the pitchers through 5 innings.

The romantic years of baseball are long behind up. We can only hope that some of the damage that Bud Selig caused can be undone in the coming years.