Derek Jeter Retirement Season Memorabilia

26k…This must be the most expensive item ever sold on Woot! I can have a car or a nice home remodel or a dirty shirt and pair of pants that need to be washed.

Burn it all!

And calling the game-worn uniform and stadium seat ‘new’ is not accurate, unless it’s not authentic; in that case, it’s a little over-priced.

Hey mods,

If no one buys the jersey, can we get a guarantee it’ll be in a future BoC ?

Oh, is Derek Jeter retiring?

I hadn’t heard.

Wow. That shirt and seat combo is really overpriced.

The seats could get $500, the shirt $2500 and $1500 for the pants.

I wish I could honestly say I didn’t know, because I can honestly say I don’t care.

If someone puts them on eBay, I’m betting they could get more than Woot lists them for.

On the other hand, the items are only worth what someone is willing to pay.

In my case, they are worthless.

Why do the “Mr. November” plaques have pictures of Derek Jeter on them? Reggie just called and he’s pissed.

When I was a kid we lived in Maryland but my grandparents still lived in Staten Island. I can remember seeing ads for the original Yankee Stadium seats being sold-off during the mid-70’s remodel. I’m pretty sure they cost less than Woot is asking for a bit of dirt.

Reggie was “MR. OCTOBER”

$25,999.99? Shipping kills it.

Mr October. Something was cheaper 40 years ago?

And yet the 1987 All-Star game was not a nationally televised 4 hours of everybody giving him a you-know-what Job.

Gasoline has gone up by a factor of 8. Yankee memorabilia has gone up by a factor of roughly 250.

I was disappointed there were no Derek Jeter dartboards… now THAT I would have bought

Unfortunately, you’re incorrect.

Game-used Jeter jerseys from this season are going for $25,022 on Steiner’s Web site. Getting the pants and two seats from old Yankee Stadium (which go for $1,500) makes this, as amazing as it might seem, a bargain.

Plaques with “game used dirt”??? Can I get that dirt authenticated please? :stuck_out_tongue:

ahem. As the guys on Pawn Stars remind their customers all the timer, asking prices on the internet are the same as selling prices. That Steiner is trying to sell this on woot tells you this stuff is not selling.

Let’s be honest who would pay more than $50 for a pair of beat up, ugly benches from an old stadium? The market is not there at such a ridiculous price. Basically they are hoping people would pay them for something they would usually have to pay someone else to cart off.

It beats the $15k Bacon Coffin that was sold.

From what I know (from someone in the industry), the majority of the Jeter memorabilia is selling better than hoped. The game-used jerseys are selling okay, but the cost is so high, they’re hedging by selling a few through other outlets.

All that said, this is the first time that I’ve seen an entire uniform for sale.

And as big a fan of the Yankees as I am - I have some warning track in a cup from the night the Yankees won in 1996 - I would never pay for this stuff. Outrageously priced.