dermaSHOT Case iPod Touch 4G

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dermaSHOT Case iPod Touch 4G
$6.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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iDon’t need iMerchandise

Someone asked about cases last night…

bright pink only

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Apparently enough of a point for you to respond. Thanks! Having fun in the bacon-themed woot-off?

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If you’re going to comment, make it -/+, or describe it.
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Pretty sure there are only 5 of these, and it’s probably going to last longer than the bacon lube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I’m not reading anywhere “No you can’t have our iPod,” I guess I have to assume that you guys will include an iPod with every purchase.


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I think Woot needs to get Lodge to make a Woot logo press to go along with the Woot logo pan.

Since I already have two cast iron skillets, I never bought the Woot one, but I’d buy that press!

TT must have bought them all because as soon as she showed up, they sold out.

I think I just figured out why there has been no crap!!! It’s because woot still has not fixed the server crash problem since the last wootoff.

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From an Amazon reviwer:
The thin matte case is handsome, and fits the device snugly, but the protection it offers, which was my main concern, is minimal. Its main design flaw is that it does not properly “encase” the iPod-- there are no lips that cover, however slightly, the edges of the device. With the (minor) exception of the adhesive plastic film, the screen and edges are actually as vulnerable to damage as they were right out of the box. The screen actually juts out from the border of the case. The only thing this case prevents is the chrome finish on the back from scratching, which is honestly the least that one should expect from an iPod Touch case.

Wow. I remember when wootoffs would generate pages of comments, regardless of the product. Looks like woot has lost its way. I miss all the crazy posts,especially those that bordered on prtohibited (or even better, seeing them before they were removed). Not sure but maybe it has to do with the number of products they’re trying to sell all at one time.