Design contest


don’t know if anyone will be interested but Fashion Delivers, a new charity, is sponsoring a t-shirt design contest where the winner gets to see his/her design on limited edition Phat Farm t-shirts. these t-shirts will be sold on the Phat Farm website (, in their flagship store in NYC, and on Fashion Delivers’ website ( More info is on the Fashion Delivers website.


I’ve got a few ideas, but I’m not sure they’d make them out of Nomex.


Actually, I would have thought that some of the artistic types here might be interested in this.
Others whom I can’t remember right now?

or wait…are there like rules and restrictions we don’t like?
I’m too lazy to go view the site.


I’d recommend redirecting it to the charity thread, and leaving it at that.
Otherwise might become a “site pimp” candidate, and incur the wrath of the little round furry fella.
I’m inclined to agree with him…


But, if he doesn’t have anything to gain by it, which I do not know, it’s OK.
If it’s just informational, which I am to lazy to investigate, then it is OK


Not your problem anymore!
I fixed the quote box that went with the pm.


Before anyone breaks out their pyro gear, ya’ should know that this thread was approved by staff at the time it was posted. :slight_smile:

eta-I wonder if any of the more creative wooters have looked into it. “All entries must be received by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on April 28, 2006.”