Design Craft 60502 Solar Deck and Pathway 5-Light Set

I tried to woot three of the Solar Deck 5-Light sets the last time they were wooted at $13.99 each. I place my order, but the order was later denied. No help from customer service.

When orders are denied, it’s from your bank’s end. You’re best off contacting your bank/credit card company to see what’s happening.

Thanks for the info…but several other wooters had the same issue. I like the $14 price that I was denied vice the present $52 offer.

I believe the item was incorrectly priced so orders had to be canceled. This is the correct price.

Good to know that it used to be $14, this doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore.
Also, my main concern would be cutting holes into a deck with a type of product that is so well known to fail. These may be good quality, but I’ve never had a solar light that lasted more than a couple of years.