Design Craft Outdoor Lamps & Fountains

Are these lamps solar powered? I mean, can I just leave them out on my patio, and they will recharge every day, and shine brightly every night? I don’t really need to bring them in to recharge off a 120v outlet?

With just the one picture, I don’t see a solar cell to power/recharge the lamps. Plus, a night-time pic might have been nice too.

are the pumps for the fountains solar powered as well or just the lights? It would seem pointless to have the unit be solar powered at all if the pump requires a wired connection. I am rather confused by these and the descriptions aren’t very informative.

Well, The Mothership has the same thing called “Kenroy Home” instead of the “Design craft” It might answer your question

Is it wise to make lamps out of scratching posts?

“Bulb temperature 3000k”

Seems like a detail I would have rather not known.

What is the size of the reservoir? Didn’t see that here or at the Amazon link.

For the record, ordered the Design Craft solar hanging lantern and it arrived defective. No charge, no light. Waiting to hear from Woot customer service.