Design Spotlight: Consider Yourself Warned

Finally, a great design for an apron goes on Spotlight!

What? Reprinted on everything but the kitchen sink… and still no apron? :wah:

Still, it’s a great design that deserves a little extra love!

I’m wearing this shirt right now. I get some weird looks sometimes, but I love it.

and no pullover hoodie…what happened to those?

it’s getting warmer. they’ll probably be back around when the weather gets cooler.

some of us live in areas where hoodies might need to be worn year round though

Yeah but Woot’s based in Texas, and it’s stupid hot right now. This design has a good chance of coming back in the fall/winter as a pullover or zip-up hoodie, so I wouldn’t worry.

Ug! How did I miss the change at this in long sleeve?

Time to scour the internet to see if anyone is selling it (even if insanely marked up).